At last a Melbourne-based Consultant that has actually run businesses, and turned them to profit. Someone with hands-on experience in a range of private and public sector entities, including Blue-Chip names like Dulux, BTR Nylex, Bosch, Spotless and BHP.

David Bishop has run sales and manufacturing operations in Malaysia, USA, S Africa and Thailand. And operations in all Australian States.

Nine years as a Consultant with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

The centralised accounting and gas ordering/allocating systems for Victorian Gas privatisation were designed and implemented by him, including the secure internet-based energy purchasing system for gas from Longford. And daily forecasting systems for the entire gas need of Victoria.

Australia Post use a series of data-broadcasting websites that he has designed and built for them. And each month they use a unique Balanced Scorecard design that he has developed that incorporates 15 measures into one simple diagram for each entity across the National Mail network.

What are these Numerous Benefits?

  1. Data-intensive analysis, often with "difficult" corporate files, attempting to join together disparate parts of the entity to achieve a new purpose…….and use this to increase profit, or lift customer service, or to gather cash.

  1. Change the way of doing business, perhaps by new product sources, better supply chain, or offshore manufacture. Maybe by better logistics or improved ways to meet customer expectations. Even engage in B2B e-commerce without falling into the trap of having a smart website but no product follow-through.

  1. Benchmarking and Best Practice, often with comparisons with like industry sectors in North America and Europe. But with the emphasis on realistic realignment of the entity to match Australian customer expectations (and measuring those expectations)

  1. Planning for Restructuring by not just making the changes and "hoping" it will work. By sensible modeling of the Current and Restructured business, it is possible to explore a variety of options and fine-tune the detail to avoid "unexpected outcomes"

  1. Forecasting using techniques that measure volatility of demand

  1. Balanced Scorecard and KPI applied with measures that work, using a unique set of tools to visualise the monthly outcomes.

  1. Better Information about the Business without going to the expense and delay of setting up a data warehouse


Turning Data into Knowledge for Profit